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Mass Apply Payables 

  Mass Apply Payables automates the process of applying payments and credit memos against AP vouchers.  It also is an integration tool for importing vendors, vouchers/credit memos, manual payments, and the apply relationships to be applied.!More Information

Investment Assets


Automate management of Long-Term Investment Assets More Information


Mass Apply Receivables
  Automatically apply all unapplied cash receipts and credit memos!  Now, Mass Apply Receivables also includes Mass Unapply functionality!More Information

Print Cash Receipts

  Print cash receipts documents in Microsoft Dynamics!More Information

Vendor Price Matrix

  Price list functionality for purchase order processing! More Information

Advanced SOP Entry

  User defined fields for line items, easy line item comments and purchase order drillbacks! More Information

Automatic Cash Receipts

  Automatic cash receipt entries in Microsoft Dynamics! More Information

Vendor Copy

  Copy vendor information!More Information

Accrued Hours Limits

  Enforce sick and vacation limits  Microsoft Dynamics!More Information



  Automate downloads of geographic data and address validation for all address records in Microsoft Dynamics GP More Information


Our latest new FREE training video on how to get started using Dexterity to program customizations for Microsoft Dynamics GP that will work in the Dynamics GP Web Client!
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Our latest new FREE training video on how to create an executive dashboard displaying cash and payables positions with drilldowns to detailed transactions using Microsoft SQL Report Builder!
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Vendor Price Matrix now supports vendor contracts with unlimited contract line items!
More Information

GeoData for Microsoft Dynamics GP now provides automatic downloads and storage of geographic data for all address records in Dynamics GP.  GeoData also provides automatic address validation and updates of partial addresses to fill in city/state or full zipcode!
More Information

InvestmentAssets for Microsoft Dynamics GP provides excellent solution for family offices that need to track investment asset accounts for multiple owners or beneficiaries!
More Information

Vendor Price Matrix now provides vendor pricing control to the purchase orders generated by Dynamics GP Manufacturing!  Our latest build also now includes the ability to push a button and quickly recalculate a purchase order updating unit cost based on the item total quantity for the entire purchase order.
More Information

InvestmentAssets for Microsoft Dynamics GP now provides multiple day count conventions for interest calculations as well as par value multipliers for Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS)!
More Information

Vendor Copy for Microsoft Dynamics GP now available to automate creating new vendor with same info as an existing vendor.
More Information

Advanced SOP Entry for Microsoft Dynamics GP now provides line item user defined fields and tracking numbers for Sales Order Processing!
More Information


Demos & Training

FREE Training: Dexterity

FREE Training: SQL Report Builder

FREE Training: Data Driven Maps


DEMO: Mass Apply Payables

DEMO: InvestmentAssets

DEMO: Mass Apply Receivables

DEMO: GeoData - Automatic address validation and download of geospatial data



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